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Dynamic Ventures - Software Development Services

We offer Programming and Software Development Services related to: Computer Graphics, Image Processing, Digital Video, DirectX, DirectShow, OpenGL, 3D Graphics, Image and Video Processing, Computer Vision, Pattern recognition.
We specialize in developing software for organizations that incorporate our work into their product offerings, marketed under their own company or brand name.

Examples of our expertise:

  • 3D Visualization Software to Capture, Construct, Recognize, Render and Track 3D objects out of image sequences taken at video speed with Time-Of-Flight (TOF) Range Camera.
  • Software Development to facilitate the creation of a 3D scene or objects, based on images from multiple 3D cameras.
  • Automated system for scanning a sample from a microscope slide to recognize and identify cellular debris.
  • Parsing Compressed Video streams to gather statistics information and recognize and identify specific patterns.
  • Custom software to segment and recompose images, extract visual information or analyze visual data using OpenCV libraries.
  • Development of DirectShow Filters.
  • Peer to Peer Software application to combine video streams from web-cams with computer-drawn vectors.
  • Computer Vision Software to display the exact position of moving objects or people inside a multi-story building on a "2D Plus Perspective" screen.
  • Archival and Diagnostic Review Software for a Dental X-ray application.
  • Image archival and retrieval system to review and analyze defects in semiconductor production to improve yields.
  • Three-screens Multimedia Presentation System that records the presenter along with the 3-screens presentation.
  • Commercial Image Processing and Image Analysis applications for the bio-tech market that are used for life science research.
  • Vector Editor, Elevation Editor and Meta-data Editor components for a major commercial GIS. These are part of a mapping software tool for terrain database generation and visualization that is used to create 3-D terrain databases for real-time visualization systems.
  • Google Earth integration with real-time car position and just-in-time driving instructions.
  • Porting Image Processing and Computer Graphics code from C++ to C#.

Applicable Markets:
Surveillance Systems, Machine Vision, Life Sciences, Semiconductor Inspection, Forensic imaging etc.

Programming expertise:
C#, .NET framework, VC++, ATL, COM, MFC, WIN32, GDI+, MATLAB, OpenCV, Image Processing, 2D and 3D vector graphics, DICOM, OpenGL, DirectX, DirectShow, ASF, AVI, WMV, MPEG, 3DS, WPF, Silverlight

Agile Software Development Process
Our agile working methodology enables us to produce superior software that addresses real issues -- while being reliable and easy to use, maintain and evolve. We develop top-quality applications that satisfy the needs of end users with fast development cycles and very competitive rates.

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