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Resume of Robert C. Hutchinson- Project Leader

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Resume of Robert C. Hutchinson- Project Leader

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Contract Programming -- Custom Software Development and Maintenance

Project Leadership and Technical Coordination of Offshore Software Development



  • Twenty-plus years experience managing software and hardware development projects in medium and large organizations.
  • Software consultant leading the design and implementation of business applications: General Accounting/ERP (GL, AP, AR, CA, PR), CATV Pay-Per-View systems, HVAC shop floor control, Construction project cost estimating, PC Graphics, system performance tuning.
  • Implementation experience: Windows and Linux Application and device driver, embedded development for network devices and small form factor handheld devices.
  • Networking: HTML, XML, Java, TCP/IP, Ipv4/Ipv6 Protocols, Sockets. SNMP and WBEM Network Management.
  • Industry experience: Computer Hardware Manufacturing, Silicon Manufacturing, Cable TV, Construction, Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning
  • Government Systems: Secured and Unsecured Property tax systems, Voter Registration, Precincting and Election Ballot Counting, Budgetary accounting, HR/Payroll, Land use, zoning and assessment.
  • N-Tier Internet data center design: scalability, security and management. Matching system requirements to Data Center and PC server specifications - motherboard processor/chipset/peripherals.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, C, C++, MASM, HTML, XML, Java, Qualcomm BREW for cell phone applications, Microsoft Windows CE for PDAs.



Project Leader - Software Architect -- Project Leader of Offshore Software Development     2005-Present
Dynamic Ventures Inc., Cupertino, CA

Manage multiple projects for various customers utilizing Agile Software Development methodology.

Product Architect     2003-2005
AWS, Ben Lomond, CA

Designed cell phone software using the Qualcomm BREW and Windows .NET Visual Studio development environment.

Superdome Manageability Architect     2001-2003
Hewlett-Packard, Cupertino, CA

Designed manageability suite for Windows-based Itanium servers, leveraging existing HP server management tools and Compaq Insight Manager code bases. Planned system evolution to new management standards based on EFI / WBEM - DMTF CIM.

  • HP Itanium-based Server products were introduced time-to-market with Windows Server 2003 and under initial budget by $16M. A 64 processor HP 9000 Superdome running Windows Server 2003 set a new speed record at 658,277 tpmC at cost of $9.80 per tpmC – April 2003.

Network Server Product Line Architect     1997-2001
Hewlett-Packard, Cupertino, CA

Owned the R&D product specification process for HP’s entry-level IA-32 servers. Selected motherboards, CPUs, memory, core chipsets, embedded I/O, base-features for new servers.

  • Released four version of the E-series ‘entry-level’ server. The E-Series was HP’s highest volume PC server. E-series base-model cost was reduced by ~10% each year. Unit sales increased from forty thousand units per year in 1997 to one hundred fifty thousand units per year in 2001. Moved product sourcing from France/Malaysia to Taiwan. Maintained product gross margins above 25% in the highly competitive low-end of the server market. Revenue for my team’s servers exceeded $500M in 2001 and total market share increased from 1% of global server units in 1997 to a peak of 3.5% in 2000.
  • Created two new server products; the 1P very low cost tower Eagle product and HP’s first 1U 2P high density/low cost rack-mounted server. Both products were developed with OEM hardware partners for the chassis and motherboards and in-house software [BIOS/manageability] and hardware mechanical design, reg/rel and QA.
  • Coordinated cross-functional strategic business planning teams focused on: Internet data center architecture, blade servers, appliance servers, ACPI, modular-IPMI manageability, warranty cost reduction etc.
  • Organized and managed the Network Interface Controller and Internet Security team. Improved vendor negotiations saved the division $4M per year on 10/100 baseT embedded NICs and $20M per year on 10/100/1000 baseT NICs.

Home Products Architect     1993-1997
Hewlett-Packard, Cupertino, CA

Led the Home Products Division R&D product design team, which created wireless, fiber-to-the-home and Hybrid Fiber Coax [HFC/CATV] internet-to-the-home products. This division was structured as an HP internal ‘venture capital’ startup, with the goal of researching and developing products to leverage the technology shift from analog to digital in the home.

  • Led the R&D team that created the QuickBurst Cable Modem. Lead the engineering team and invented portions of HP MXL data-over-HFC link-layer protocol.
  • Managed HP’s participation and presentations to the CableLabs DOCSIS 1.0 standards body and IEEE 802.14 HFC data-over-cable standards body.
  • Lead a 30 person R&D team that created HP’s Kayak set top box for interactive television

Senior Software Engineer - OpenView     1991-1993
Hewlett-Packard, Cupertino, CA

OpenView for Windows was the original implementation of OpenView – an early Object-Oriented network management framework that provided common device services [event logging, device status, SNMP MIB management, ...] and global hierarchical network map. The original product was written for Windows 2.x, and had not been upgraded in sync with the Windows market, so HP gave the product to small team of Windows experts to revive and enhance. The team accomplished its goal by making the new product the most popular Windows network management platform by volume from 1993-1996.

  • In support of sales and marketing, presented technology roadmap updates and gathered feedback on future-product features to HP OV OEM development partners.
  • Built the build-from-source SCM system. Created the developer and end user product installers.
  • Ported WINSOCK to the OpenView Stack.
  • Authored portions of two major releases of OpenView for Windows. Annual product revenues grew from $2M per year to $9M per year. OEM Unit sales per year exceeded 200K units per year, making OpenView the number one network management platform in 1993.

Sr. Software Engineer – Personal Software Division     1987-1991
Hewlett-Packard, Cupertino, CA

PSD was responsible for creating HP’s PC software application products.

  • Designed and implemented network installable NewWave for NetWare [SPX/IPX] and LanManager [TCP/IP].
  • Created and authored a software configuration management system for building NewWave product releases. The SCM system enabled weekly build-from-source and NewWave’s localization into eleven languages.
  • Created ‘Graphics Gallery’ device drivers [video, printers and plotters] and 2D graphics application software library.
  • Created and authored an automated printer driver test-suite generation tool, which received an HP software excellence award and saved $200K per product release.

Software engineering consultant - Dave Hicks Associates – Cupertino, Ca.     1985-1987

Embedded Software Product Marketing – Zilog, Campbell, Ca.     1983-1985

Sr. Software Engineer - Ricoh Corporation, San Jose, Ca.     1982-1983

Manager Remote Systems – Gill Management Services, San Jose, Ca.     1980-1982

V.P. of Data Processing - CIO – Therma Corporation, San Jose, Ca.     1979-1980

CEO – Mini-Computer Software Consulting - Alpha Wave Software, Ben Lomond, Ca.     1979-1978

Manager of Computer Operations – Santa Cruz County, Santa Cruz, Ca.     1969-1979


(408)343-0234        bob.hutch@DynamicVentures.com        https://dyve.com/resume/bob